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Your Complete Training Solution
How can Mind Charger increase your overall training experience? The answer is simple. We provide our customers with the most comprehensive training tools available.

Mind Charger not only wants to be your training provider; we would like to be your training partner. This partnership would allow you the ability and flexibility to track, assess and train your associates in the most productive and cost effective manner.

Consulting Services
Mind Charger has many years of real world experience in teaching, implementing and transitioning programming platforms within a diverse customer group. This has allowed us to experience a multitude of issues, problems and pitfalls ‘first hand’ that a single organization may never see. It has driven us to become industry experts in understanding and aiding organizations through a myriad of migration and architecture changes.

Mind Charger can take you through the full solution, from the assessment, to the training, to the on-site consulting needs of your company. We are your one stop shop.

Mind Charger can assess your current architecture and in-house talent through onsite inspections, interviews and our Mind Mark assessment tool. This preliminary stage provides your company with a complete understanding of the resources, timelines and issues surrounding the completion of any project.

How does Mind Charger differ from most consulting firms?
Mind Charger’s key objective is to understand, educate and execute in collaboration with your existing staff on any programming project. Mind Charger does not independently do the work for you and then leave you at the mercy of high contractor fees when changes need to be implemented. Instead, we provide your staff with the knowledge and skill sets to implement the changes themselves. This kind of service allows all our customers to maintain complete control over their own environment and reduce their overall costs and consulting fees. We apply knowledge to your people rather than your project.