The instructor's obvious knowledge of the material came across in his presentation.
Simon Tinker - CIBC
The instructor is VERY knowledgeable, enthusiastic!
Jason He - CIBC
The teacher gave good examples to back up what we were learning at the time. Also, you could tell that he enjoys Java which made learning it enjoyable.
Luanne Glaizel - TD Bank Financial
Hi Lyle, I have tried to follow your comments and it worked. Thanks a lot for your quick response and valuable advise. It is good to know that someone like Lyle is always there to help. thanks again, your fan alex lim
Alex Lim - CIBC
(Instructor) Awesome! Very energetic & knowledgeable.
Scott Allen - Clarica
Awesome (instructor)! Great energy, endless knowledge and willing to digress from a given topic to clarify a point or question from the class.
Michelle Anthony - Clarica
Lyle has an exceptional way of explaining OO concepts--he explained the concepts, not just the syntax...for the first time I understand what OO is about!!!
Andrew Hayworth - CIBC
The instructor knew his course material well, and as a result was able to discuss difficult topics easily.
Cindy Davis - CIBC
The instructor was very upbeat and well paced.
Roger Tieche - TD Bank Financial
The teacher mixed practical examples in with theory. He also had high knowledge and enthusiasm.
Bruce Keleher - TD Bank Financial
The instructor showed lots of energy and enthusiasm.
Chris Brown - TD Bank Financial
The instructor's enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject made it very enjoyable.
Nayla Tabanden - TD Bank Financial
The instructor is a true wizard! He really knows his stuff!
Alain Naubert - Industry Canada
Great facilitating skills. Very good at answering questions with examples we could relate to.
Carlos Salguiero - Clarica
Lyle is really knowledgeable and he knows OOP!
Mitra Abedini - CIBC
Instructor brought the right attitude to class every day!
Miles Saunders - MKS
The instructor knew his course material well and as a result was able to discuss difficult topics easily. He entertained us. There were a lot of laughs
Cindy Davis - CIBC
... one of the best instructors I have ever had.
Karim Khimji - Clarica
(The Instructor was) well organized, knowledgeable and friendly.
Julie Gyimothy - TD Bank Financial
Excellent presentation and knowledge.
David Nelles - Clarica
(Instructor) extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Josh Hagan - Reuters
Great instructor!! This is the way to learn.
Scott Wormington - Clarica
..instructor is very knowledgeable & enthusiastic.
Murale Pillai - TD Bank
The instructor is very knowledgeable. He has lots of experience and was able to help us solve problems and answer our questions.
Ted Chan - CIBC
Great communication skills. Make classes very interesting.
Dave Batiste - Clarica
(The instructor was) very good and made the learning fun and enjoyable.
Michael Rogozynski - Clarica
..Instructor and facilities were excellent.. .
Wasim Sayed - CIBC
Well informed, thorough about the concepts, and goes the extra mile.
Rajeeve Suri - CIBC
..instructor was very patient and knowledgeable.
Elias Mohamed - CIBC
Lyle has an exceptional way of explaining OO concepts - he explained the concepts, not just the syntax.. for the first time I understood what OO is about!!
Andrew Hayworth - CIBC
(What I liked about the instructor) ..his enthusiasm & knowledge - excellent teacher!
Alison Hakime - CIBC
Very energetic and enthusiastic, keeps the class interesting at all times.
Patricia Lim Show Chen - CIBC
The Instructor was his usual energetic self & we learned a lot.
Andy Oja - Clarica
Very enthusiastic, presents material clearly, easy to talk to.
Dave Selberg - Clarica
Instructor was really friendly and was easy to approach for questions.
Tammy Phan - Clarica
Excellent teaching style, knows the subject well.
Hyman Wong - Clarica
Excellent instructor. Understands the material and describes it as well.
Ernie Day - Clarica
As always, Lyle is great, knowledgeable, helpful and energetic.
Nada Despotovic - Clarica
Great job! ....very knowledgeable instructor.
Chris Griffin - Clarica
Very knowledgeable & enthusiastic. Made the course fun.
Angie Forney - Clarica / Sunlife Financial
The instructor and material are excellent.
Marzenna Kruczkowski - Toronto Star
Instructor is great. Explains things well - and takes time to help.
Justin Mervyn - Clarica
Great job keeping the course interesting & fun.
Kristina Sinzig - Clarica
Instructor is very knowledgeable.
Arezoo Sharghi - TD Bank
The instructor is very experienced in OOAD. Enthusiastic and energized.
Amy Tang - CIBC
The instructor is always energetic and tries to please everyone.
Courtney Andrews - CIBC
(Instructor has lots of) high energy and enthusiasm.
Benjamin Tensen - MKS
Lively, enthusiastic approach.
Bridget Mertens - Canadian Tire
The instructor is knowledgeable and willing to teach.
Shawn Song - CIBC
Instructor is both an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Rare combination.
Deborah Fowler - CIBC
(Instructor)Excellent, knowledgeable, helpful. Able to convey material well.
Mohamed Shakir - Clarica
Lyle has a tremendous energy level--keeps his courses current and practical as writing business application is also part of his company.
Alison Hakime - CIBC
The instructor was always willing to go the 'extra mile'.
Don Boyer - TD Bank Financial
Quality instruction.
Robert Collela - Bank of Montreal
Instructor did a great job.
Darko Stankovic - Reuters
I enjoy the instructor's presentation techniques. He doesn't just read from the overheads, he teaches from experience...
Michael Gallina - CIBC
Excellent instructor.
Jameson Beach - Clarica
Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Suzanne Bertschi - Clarica
Subject matter expert and a real java guru.
Foyez Siddiqui - CIBC
Approchable and motivational.
Thomas Anger - Clarica
Highly motivated and passionate.
Angelo Celeste - CIBC
Instructor really knew the material well. Instructor treated us as peers rather than students.
Dave Klots - Economical Insurance Group
Instructor is fun & energetic.
Mark McGill - Clarica
Excellent! Very fun & knowledgeable.
Debbie Inglis - Clarica
Instructor is very good at what he does.
Lily Ann Dieron - Clarica
Excellent presenter.
Stephen Swanson - Clarica
The course is a really good introduction to Java.
Ivan Cakic - TD Bank Financial
The course is organized very well... Most enjoyable course! well done!
Timothy Liang - Canadian Tire
Course was very detailed....
Mala Desilva - CIBC
Excellent. I'm looking forward to another course....
Craig Law - Clarica
Don't change a thing!
Rowell Guerrero - TD Bank Financial
The course notes, labs and hand-outs were all excellent!
Peter Hancock - TD Bank Financial
I liked the small class size and adaptibility (ie could deviate from notes and talk about other things not directly related).
Alan McDermott - Clarica
It gave me a basic and solid knowledge of Java.
Dexter Smith - TD Bank Financial
Course did a good job of covering all the major topics with enough relevance to get you started. Perfect learning atmosphere.
Tim Zante - Canadian Tire
The course is clearly organized, and written with very nice examples in detail.
Shawn Song - CIBC
Knowledge and enthusiasm made it easy to stay interested and eager to learn more.
Kim Van Leeuwen - Canadian Tire
Great course - very satisfied.
Peter Babineau - Wonderware
Great notes, helpful labs.
Saira Ahmad - MKS
Course notes were great...
Elias Mohamed - CIBC
The course had a good mix of lab/lecture.
Jane Obrecht - TD Bank
Presentation was done in such a way to keep things interesting.
Stuart Kruger - CIBC
Excellent examples - very clear - information presented in an easily understood manner.
Patti Clark - Wonderware
The course offered the level of content that I was expecting.
John Collinson - Clarica
The course and the instructor were excellent.
Hector Mariscal - TD Bank Financial
A great course!
Justin Mervyn - Clarica
I liked the amount of detail and business analogies. It was a "fun" atmosphere as well.
Adam Thackeray - TD Bank Financial
Very good notes - good mixture of theory & practical stuff!
Karl Waclawek - Toronto Star
Excellent all around!
Don Boyer - TD Bank Financial
I liked the constant enthusiasm- kept us going until Friday!
Erenne Dreyfus - TD Bank Financial
The lectures, labs and timely examples were all well done.
Chris Brown - TD Bank Financial
...the instructor seems to know everything about it (Java) ...everything was excellent!
Ivan Cakic - TD Bank Financial
The snacks and the complimentary beverages were wonderful.
Jason Church - TD Bank Financial
All topics were excellent.
Craig White - TD Bank
Very intense. Kept me on my toes.
Gerrit Borchert - TD Bank
Lively presentation format, customized content. Course was adjusted to our request, therefore it was responsive to change.
Irek Stopya - TD Bank
I think this is much better than the one at Learning Tree.
Choung Trinh - CIBC
..very useful and interesting
Arosha Amoozandeh - CIBC
(The Course provided me with) usable, working knowledge (that could be applied immediately)
Janos Pal - Bank of Montreal
Academically and technically great.
Angelo Celeste - CIBC
Great course - much better than IBM courses.
Simon Ho - CIBC
Great - as always!
Janice Newton - Clarica
Excellent real-world examples and explanations.
Mark Hopkins - Canadian Tire
Great course. Thanks!
Chris Bitton - MKS
There is lots to be learned and reviewed. The course handouts and labs were great and very useful for future review and learning.
Roger Tieche - TD Bank Financial
Excellent as always!
Iam Thomson - Clarica