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One of our strongest advantages at Mind Charger is to offer you the ability to customize our courses to meet your needs. Customization is offered “FREE OF CHARGE” *

Putting your company into the course
It is a priority for the IT department of any organization to maintain peak production while containing costs. Most organizations realize the value that training brings to the performance of their IT department but struggle with having to pull their key programmers away to complete this training.

If you are familiar with this dilemma, then Mind Charger has the ultimate solution for you. CUSTOMIZATION! Through customization of a course, the material, tools and labs can be structured to represent your current programming project. This means that programmers will be learning new skills and applying them directly to the project.

What does this mean to you?
In addition to continuing your team’s productivity, even out of the office, you will receive expert-level instruction on how to best complete your project, as well as experience significantly less time for project completion. All of these factors will save you time, money and frustration.

Ensuring maximum productivity from your staff
The duration, workload and lab requirements of any class can be altered depending on the current skills of your staff. Companies often choose to have a standard intensive language course offered over an extended period to ensure that their staff fully absorbs and understands all the information presented throughout the course. This provides a more pleasant and comfortable level for students to learn in, increasing their overall experience and promoting greater productivity upon completion of the course. Inevitably, your programmers will thank you for providing training at the right level.

* Compared to our standard complete class pricing.