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Increase productivity and decrease costs

Most professionals like to keep up with the ever-changing trends and available information in their practices. They do so by continuing their education with training courses. Just as you would expect your personal physician to be up-to-date on the latest medical advances and treatments, or your tax advisor to be aware of any changes in tax law every year, programming professionals will do their best work with the knowledge of the most current IT technology. As technology changes they need to be kept abreast of the information and tools that will make them more efficient. With these tools, your programmers will enhance their productivity and accuracy and have the ability to apply newly acquired expertise immediately to their work. Better programmers write better code – faster. And ultimately, this means more time and money saved for you.

Employee retention
Many organizations today see the value of employee retention strategies and the ROI of human capital. As part of employment offerings, companies are growing in their commitment to continued education as part of the benefit package to their employees. They have seen marked improvement in employee turnover when the employees feel they are continually improving themselves and can add more value to the company. Companies also find that with proactive training, they are more willing to promote their current employees rather than search outside of the organization for talent. This keeps employees happy and motivated to perform and learn.

More accurate time lines to delivery
An integral part of IT management is the ability to forecast and meet programming project deadlines. Programmers that have a strong working knowledge of tools, issues and collaboration efforts can provide a more accurate timeline to the completion of projects. Since IT components are often tied to other activities within an organization, the sections of the project are more likely to be completed on time, ensuring that the overall project meets the deadline requirements.

Ongoing technical resources
All students who attend a Mind Charger training course receive training manuals laid out in an easy-to-access format. After completion of the course, students often use this material as a reference guide in their day-to-day activities. Students also find that they now have additional resources in the instructor and the other students who can help them with technical issues.

On-Site instructor led courses
If you have the facilities, why not save travel time and expenses by having us teach our leading edge instructor-led courses right on your premises. Inquire today for available courses, dates and instructors.