Mind Charger has many years of real world experience in teaching, implementing and transitioning programming platforms within a diverse customer group.
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We offer you the ability to customize our courses to meet your exact needs. This customization is offered at no additional charge.
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Today, our partners will be getting in at the ground floor. While this relationship is based on a pay-to-success strategy, there is no limit to the amount of dollars a partner can make
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Why Mind Charger?
Since 1988 Mind Charger Technologies has delivered the best programmer training courses available.

Our Materials
We don't use "off the shelf" material that's outdated as soon as it's in print. Our expert instructors create all the material we teach. This way, we guarantee that you are receiving the most relevant, in-depth and practical information possible.

Our Instructors
They're the best in the business - Period! Our instructors spend 50% of their time working on real world applications for our clients, and the other 50% turning that experience into valuable classroom material.

Free Assessments
Mind Charger not only offers you an unparalleled training experience but we can also help ensure you retain the content with our free “post class” assessment.

The Mind Charger Guarantee
We are obsessed with delivering great courses. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with one of our courses, please let us know. We will either schedule you for another one, or refund your money – guaranteed!

Increase productivity and decrease costs, Employee retention, More accurate time lines to delivery, Ongoing technical resources, On-Site instructor led courses
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It is important for students to realize where they stand regarding their technical knowledge. Mind Charger also is the producer and owner of an independent assessment tool called Mind Mark.
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