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Who are we?

Mind Charger has been and remains one of the premier instructor-led training providers in Toronto, Canada. We have experienced tremendous success in the large financial sectors and other fortune 100 companies.

The key reason for our success is two fold. Firstly, we have instructors that ‘know their stuff”. Our instructors spend a good part of their time in a consultative capacity dealing with real world issues. This has given them significant insight into the programming industry and the issues they face. The second reason is the content that is within our courses and course materials. The information is leading edge, well organized and is utilizable by both expert and novice users.

The Partnership

One of our goals is to provide our customers with the best solutions possible. We are always looking at ways to enhance and improve our product offerings. As part of this, we have developed and are now preparing to deploy a new online course offering. We are looking for qualified people or organizations to create awareness and drive new business opportunities across North America.

What does this mean to our partners?
Today, our partners will be getting in at the ground floor. While this relationship is based on a pay-to-success strategy, there is no limit to the amount of dollars a partner can make. There is also geographic exclusivity to partners in specific areas. If you can prove that you can ‘sell’ in a territory then we believe you should ‘own’ that territory.

If you have existing customers or relationships on a related product line, this is an excellent opportunity to augment your bottom line.

A New Age in technology

With the enhancements to online technology and the advances in bandwidth and communication speeds, we are all experiencing better ways to share information. The environment is now at the point where levels of interaction can be achieved that were not available historically. As part of Mind Charger’s continuous goal to provide leading edge training to a wide range of customers, we are proud to offer all of our courses in an on-line format. This on-line offering provides our students with the ability to take a course at their own pace and convenience.

Why online Training?

Anywhere, anytime.
Whether you’re in the Arctic or in your attic, if you have an Internet connection, you can take advantage of our high content courses at your convenience. This is the key inherent benefit to online training. It allows you to absorb the material at your own pace anywhere you like. Often, time and budget constraints don’t allow for associates to travel great distances to receive the benefit of instructor-led training. Today, with online training, these are no longer issues.

Not only can organizations reduce expenses associated with travel and accommodation for instructor-led courses, we offer online courses for a fraction of the the price of traditional classroom courses. This aids companies in meeting both associate development and budgetary requirements. Cost is often what inhibits companies from providing an adequate, diversified and sometimes necessary training curriculum. Since training promotes efficiency, accuracy, employee satisfaction and retention - online training provides a cost effective way to continue this important initiative in any organization.

Why Mind Charger online training?

The unfortunate part about a lot of the online training available out there today is that much of it is not very good. The training may have some video but, for the most part, it is a simple PowerPoint presentation with voice over. This is not very exciting or interactive. At Mind Charger we strive to offer content that is both engaging and informative, providing our students with an unparalleled online training experience that is both visually engaging and full of tools, resources and interaction.

Mind Charger’s online offering is a multi-faceted GUI displaying the instructor, course notes, whiteboard and demonstrations. The size and position of these views can be customized to your liking. It is intentionally designed to represent a more realistic classroom experience. Combine this with an online, real life, technical resource, who is there to answer your questions while you are participating in the online training, and you have a fully functional learning environment. At Mind Charger, we feel this is ‘head and shoulders’ above most of the training that is available today and frequently at higher prices.

All of our online courses are based on our instructor led classes. They cover all of the same high degree of content and the same resource materials are mailed directly to the student at no charge as part of the course.

It is important for students to realize where they stand regarding their technical knowledge. Mind Charger also is the producer and owner of an independent assessment tool called Mind Mark. It allows organizations to populate questions in a multitude of formats and administer and track results from their associates. This powerful assessment tool has been populated with questions surrounding programming acumen and can determine which course is best suited for the student based on their current knowledge and understanding. This is offered as part of our training package and is free of charge to organizations looking to book student groups of 10 or more. A nominal fee is charged to individual students who would like to participate in the assessment.

As part of Mind Charger’s commitment to ensuring that our students remain informed, we allow students to retake an online course at anytime within a 6 month period - FREE OF CHARGE.